Founded in <>month 2014, Rigorous Technology has gained a firm foothold in the LED business, providing services for indoor, outdoor, industrial, architectural and smart lighting products. We have a professional team that can provide customers with lighting design, architecture, outdoor lighting design, energy-saving planning projects, and provide customers with complete lighting configuration and lighting planning through light source design and development, and use professional knowledge and innovative ideas to provide The world's leading overall LED solution. Contribute to improving the quality of human body lighting.
Our company mainly provides the following services
Lighting Design Services
Lighting Design System Integration
Customized lighting design planning and development
Public Works Project Planning and Design
Construction Project Planning and Services
Energy saving planning and service
content include
1. Lighting design (whole store/building/park/bridge/residential)
2. Energy saving planning (energy saving service company/power distribution and Taipower energy saving/green building)
3. Introduction and sales of lighting products (indoor lighting/outdoor lighting/landscape lighting/street lighting/LED-related application lighting)
4. Illumination calculation "DiaLux" (assisting customers in space configuration/illuminance calculation/design in line with CNS national first-level norms)
5.3D drawings (to assist customers from floor plan to 3D drawing lighting)
6. Lighting analogy (making the analogy effect of day and night lights)
7. Animation (with special design, can make DMX, PLC related animation)
8. Lamp specification design and other services (custom specification service)
Ruisoft Technology has the best lighting designers and a complete construction team
Our company hydropower master
one. Possess a Class A electrician certificate
B. Holding a certificate of occupational safety and health education and training
C. Possess a New Taipei City Water Pipe General Contractor Worker Certificate
D. Possess A/C Class Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor Certificate
E. Education and training of construction frame assembly supervisors
F. Our masters have insured 10,000 labor insurance accident insurance
G. Professional license We have the certification certificate of China Rope Technology Association,
H. Professional certificate We have the British rope IRATA certificate

COB High Bay Light (Fu Jen Catholic University)

COB 天井燈 (輔仁大學)

Food Factory: Food Grade High Bay Lights


High bay light for plant factory




Warehouse dedicated high bay lights