proper noun
Luminous flux
Unit: Lumen (lumen, lm)
The total radiant energy emitted by a light source and perceived by the human eye is called luminous flux.
Luminous intensity
Unit: Candela (candela,cd)
The luminous flux of a light source within a solid angle in a certain direction.
Usually the light source emits its luminous flux in different directions with different intensities.
The intensity of visible light emitted in a specific direction is called light intensity.
Unit: Lux (lux) Illuminance is the ratio of luminous flux to the illuminated surface.
The illuminance of 1 lux and the luminous flux of 1 lm are evenly distributed in an area with an area of one square meter.
Unit: (cd/m2) The luminance of a light source or an illuminated surface refers to the unit surface in
The light intensity density in a certain direction can also be said to be the brightness of the light source or the illuminated surface perceived by the human eye.
Luminous efficiency
Unit: (lm/W) represents the efficiency with which the light source converts the consumed electrical energy into light.
Color temperature
Unit: absolute temperature (K) The light color of a lamp can be expressed simply by its color temperature.
Light color can be divided into three main categories
Warm color: <3300K
Intermediate color: 3300~5000K
Daylight color: >5000K

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