Advantages of LEDs
LED Light Emitting Diode (Light Emitting Diode, referred to as LED)
【LED Product Features】
1. Small size (multiple pieces, multiple combinations)
2. Low calorific value (no heat radiation)
3. Low power consumption (low voltage, low current start)
4. Long life (over 50,000 hours)
5. Fast response (can be operated at high frequency)
6. Environmental protection (shock resistance, impact resistance, not easy to break, waste can be recycled, no pollution)
7. No incandescent bulbs with high power consumption, fragile and fluorescent lamp waste containing mercury
   Disadvantages such as pollution problems.

COB High Bay Light (Fu Jen Catholic University)

COB 天井燈 (輔仁大學)

Food Factory: Food Grade High Bay Lights


High bay light for plant factory




Warehouse dedicated high bay lights